Workshop: Managing Your Water Asset

Navigating Water Markets & Matching Your Water Use With Appropriate Supply. Following on from the highly successful 1st workshop in Loxton.

This free workshop is designed specifically for the South Australian Agriculture Industry and is facilitated by ICE WaRM, in collaboration with PIRSA and others.

Date: Tuesday, 19 September, 2017

Location: Murray Bridge

Contact: Joel for more information: 08 8236 5200,

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Alister Walsh

Alister was the CEO at Waterfind Australia, a company that is a pioneer in the water market industry. Alister is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable Australian water market professionals, with experience in irrigation communities to understand the way users manage their water security and interact with the market. Alister has an extensive career in agriculture, business development and account management. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics in International Agribusiness

Ben Fee


Ben currently the the Manager Agribusiness Initiatives in Primary Industries and Regions SA. Ben came to PIRSA/Rural Solutions in 2013 to lead the implementation of the $265 million South Australia River Murray Sustainability (SARMS) Program. Ben has led the development and implementation of SARMS since 2011. With the completion of first rounds of the Irrigation Industry Improvement Program (3IP) and the Industry-led Research Program Ben has transitioned out of the program to lead the development of new Agribusiness initiatives on behalf of PIRSA.

Yvette Colton


Yvette is the A/Principal Policy Officer in DEWNR specialising in South Australian water markets and trade. Having worked in the water policy space within DEWNR since 2010, she has extensive experience in policy development and the regulation of water resources in the South Australian River Murray and other water resources across the State. Yvette is currently leading a project aimed at enhancing stakeholder understanding, access and involvement in South Australia’s water markets, and improving regulatory arrangements to enable water holders to invest and access lending against their water rights.


Previous Loxton Workshop information, including session videos, ppts and interviews.

This free Workshop aims to:

  • Assist irrigators to understand the maturity and scope of the Australia water market and provide some insight as to how they make it work for them.
  • Help to understand the connected nature of the Southern Murray Darling Basin and the industry dynamics across that region that could impact them.
  • Introduce the concept of effective capital deployment to achieve their desired water security.
  • What the Banks consider when assessing water security and production risks.
  • What are the Banks expectation in relation to climate risk management.
  • An update on the 17/18 Seasonal outlook and the industry and other factors that may have an impact on the market.
  • Provide an overview of the Loxton Research Centre and the role it is playing into the future in supporting and growing the South Australia Agri-Industry.

Learn about Australia’s water markets, produced by the federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, for the 2017 Global Forum for Food and Agriculture:

Address: Murray Bridge SA 5254, Australia

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