Webinar: Hardrock Groundwater Recharge using Check-Dams

In Rajasthan and South Australia.

This webinar will profile a joint India-Australia project focussed on groundwater recharge in hardrock environments of Rajasthan and its relevance to South Australia. Rajasthan is one of the most drought-prone states of India and 91% of the State’s drinking needs and 60% of its irrigation requirements are fulfilled by groundwater. The groundwater is totally dependent on the limited monsoon period but plays an important role in the livelihood of village communities. The webinar will look at the important role played by check dams (weirs) in supplementing groundwater recharge in hardrock catchments. It will consider a 3-year study in which daily water level data were recorded by farmers and validated using mobile phone photographs, assessing its efficacy for widespread application in estimating recharge from check dams. In South Australia, which has areas of similar terrain but less extreme rainfall variability, and generally more brackish groundwater, the opportunities for check dams to increase farm incomes and provide drought resilience will also be discussed.

Date: Thursday, 15 June, 2017

Contact: Trevor Pillar Email: tpillar@icewarm.com.au



Yogita Dashora

Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur

Yogita Dashora has four years experience in research, field work and extensions related to Groundwater recharge estimation in Irrigation Water Management. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering from College of Technology and Agriculture engineering, MPUAT, Udaipur, INDIA, in 2010. She has a M. Engg. Degree in Irrigation Water Management Engineering. She is now completing the writing of her PhD thesis and is expected to submit it by the end of July 2017 entitled”Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managed Aquifer Recharge Structures in the Dharta Watershed, Rajasthan, India”. Her thesis is based on working with farmers and collecting data in difficult field conditions. She has presented her part of research in ISMAR9 conference. Yogata is an ICE WaRM fellow at Flinders University, Bedford park campus, Adelaide. The areas of her interest are Water Resources Engineering, Water Balance, Water Resources Management, Irrigation Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Hydrology, Groundwater, Hydrological Modeling. She has proficiency in working on different RS and GIS software. She has attended 2 outreach programs (of 5 months) conducted by Indian Space Research Organisation on RS&GIS and its application along with some basic trainings.

Peter Dillion


As a CSIRO Research Scientist, Dr Dillon has led research on managed aquifer recharge with stormwater and reclaimed water for over a decade. Dr Dillon has 25 years’ research experience in surface water – groundwater interaction, groundwater quality protection from diffuse and point sources and agricultural water reuse. He was Director of the Centre for Groundwater Studies during its formative years, and coordinated the Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program. Dr Dillon has undertaken research projects in all Australian states and led international research projects on management of aquifer recharge. He is the founding Chairman of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) Commission on Management of Aquifer Recharge.



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When: Thursday 15th June 2017


1:30pm ACST (SA, NT)
12 Midday AWST (WA)
10.00am BANGLADESH Dhaka
9.45am NEPAL Kathmandu
9.30am INDIA Delhi
9.00am PAKISTAN Islamabad

Presenters: Yogita Dashora; Peter Dillon
Chair: Trevor Pillar, National Partnerships Manager, ICE WaRM
Cost: Free
Format: 20min presentation, then 25min Q&A
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