Water Resources Management Masters Structure

The ICE WaRM Nested Masters Programme offered postgraduate study at three levels:

– Master of Water Resources Management
– Graduate Diploma in Water Resources Management
– Graduate Certificate in Water Resources Management

These programmes were a unique blend of cross-institutional and cross-faculty study providing students with access to a wide range of expertise, resources and state-of-the-art research facililties in the broad field of water resources management.

The collaborative programme had a wide selection of specialised coursework electives and flexible study options, enabling students to create a programme of study that meet their individual needs.

The content and structure of the Nested Masters programme is structured as follows. While the programmes articulate in an upward direction, there is the option to exit at any of the three points, as shown below.


ICE WaRM, through its partners, offers more choices in water-related courses than you could find at any one institution. Students considering studying water in Australia should contact ICE WaRM to assist in the selection of a ‘home campus’ that specialises in your particular area of water interest.

Your home campus is where you complete your core and main stream elective courses. You will also have the opportunity to choose elective courses offered (through cross-institutional enrollment), including e-learning initiatives and on-campus support.

The example below illustrates the structure of options for a Masters Degree programme and how ICE WaRM can assist you.


Masters Degree flow-chart