Unconventional Gas Series

Unconventional Gas: Sustainable Water Management

We have partnered with Arris Water and NCGRT to bring you these high level, interactive courses which address the sustainable management of water in the unconventional gas industry.

As unconventional gas extraction increases in Australia, it is important and necessary for all industry and community water users to better understand how the natural and the engineered water cycle interacts with the unconventional gas industry.

This training will discuss the different types of unconventional gas and their impact on both the natural and engineered water cycles. You will learn the regulations surrounding the rehabilitation of a decommissioned gas field and examine the advantages and disadvantages of various water treatment technologies.

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This series consists of a free webinar and 3 short courses over 3 weeks.
Join us for the full series (all 3 courses) $495 or 1 course $195. Register for all 3 courses

Title Presenter Date
Webinar: Sustainable water management for unconventional gas extraction
Ben Kele
Karis Tingey
Carine Saison
27 Feb 2019
Online Course 1
Water and the Industry (3hrs)
Ben Kele
Peter Flood
Carine Saison
4 April 2019
Online Course 2
Water treatment and Recycling (3hrs)
Ben Kele
Andrew Bilton
11 April 2019
Online Course 3:
Policy and Regulation (3hrs)
Ben Kele
Karis Tingey
18 April 2019