Domestic Greywater Management for Sustainable Reuse

This one-day course covers a wide range of greywater related topics. It provides a wealth of factual information and resources and helps to debunk many myths which
exist around the topics of greywater treatment and sustainable reuse. The course covers the composition and quantification of greywater, public health and environmental risks, the regulation of greywater management systems, diversion and treatment technologies, disinfection, storage, land application and other reuse options. Practical demonstrations and workshop exercises explore in detail the nature of greywater, the challenges and opportunities for treatment and reuse and the application of greywater to soil and vegetation. The available technologies will be reviewed along with their approval and accreditation status, the claims made and what reasonable performance expectations might be. Advantages and disadvantages of different approaches will be explored and costs and benefits considered and quantified.

Course Content

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