Online Course: Pipe Flow Modelling with SURGE

Modelling Unsteady Flow impacts, resulting in pipe bursts and implosions

In this course we’ll look at the phenomenon of water hammer, an unsteady transient process in pipe flow. In this course we will discuss the physics of water hammer, how we can determine the magnitude of the transient pressures and options to mitigate these pressures.

Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019 - Thursday, 28 November 2019

Location: Online

Cost: AUD$295



Robert Keller

R. J. Keller & Associates and Monash University

Dr Keller has worked exclusively as a hydraulics engineer and modelling specialist since 1972.  His main areas of expertise are steady and transient flow analyses of pipe network and irrigation syste... Read more


We will discuss how water hammer arises from the operation of pumps and valves, creating dangerously high and extremely low pressures.
Temporary licenses for the transient analysis program SURGE will be provided for all registrants. There will be case studies and hands-on exercises addressing a range of transient flow topics outlined in the Details section below.

After this training you will have a good understanding of the following:
1. The physics underpinning the development of transient pressures in unsteady flow situations
2. The ability to model pump systems and to calculate the transient response to pump and valve operation
3. The ability to model options for mitigating dangerously high and low pressures through operating protocols and the use of various mitigation devices

This will be valuable professional development for engineers, pump station designers and modellers, water and sewerage system planners and operators and others working with water supply and sewerage network systems.