Webinar: Realising the benefits of cloud computing

Utilising cloud computing with TUFLOW, HEC-RAS and Flood Modeller: How does it stack up?

With every advance in modelling and computing, flood risk practitioners demand even more from their tools and demand more results! Projects require more detailed analysis, more scenarios, more variables, and a better quantification and understanding of uncertainty. This webinar uses real life examples to assess the benefits of using the Flood Cloud service, including how you can run thousands of TUFLOW, HEC-RAS and Flood Modeller simulations as a service (SaaS). It will also talk about model building, running and results processing. Be sure to watch the 2min video below.

Date: Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Time: 2:00pm (Australia/Sydney; find your local time)

Format: 60 minutes total time for Presentation, Discussion and Q&A.

Cost: Free

Chair: Trevor Pillar, National Partnerships Manager

Resources: Webcasts and other documents will be available here


Tyler Jantzen PE CFM


Tyler is a water resources engineer at Jacobs, based in Seattle USA, specializing in flood risk management, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, climate change adaptation, and stream restoration at Jaco... Read more


Video on Flood Modeller