Webinar: Understanding water values in Indigenous Australia

What can we learn from Indigenous people about water, and how do cultural diversity issues shape water resource planning and development?

Indigenous Australians are the oldest continuous culture on earth and have adapted to many different environments across time and space. This seminar showcases results from 15 years of research with Indigenous people across the north of the continent. It highlights how understanding Indigenous values, knowledge and rights is increasingly important to successful water planning and management.
Key-Take-Home messages:
1. Cultural values shape how water is understood by all human beings
2. Indigenous Australians have formally recognized cultural rights or interests in over 40% of the landmass
3. Including Indigenous values, knowledge and rights will increase the legitimacy and sustainability of water planning

Date: Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Time: 2:00pm (Australia/Sydney; find your local time)

Format: Presentation, Discussion + Q&A (up to 60mins)

Cost: Free

Chair: Trevor Pillar, National Partnerships Manager

Resources: Webcasts and other documents will be available here


Marcus Barber


Marcus Barber is an environmental anthropologist with CSIRO Land and Water. He has 20 years field research experience with water and Aboriginal Australians, focusing on coastal and freshwater values, ... Read more


Chinderwarriner Pool Oasis springs in arid tropics, Millstream-Chichester National Park, Pilbara region, Western Australia