Past Webinars

Webinar: Dam safety modelling using McBreach©

Manage risk by leveraging the power of HEC-RAS through Monte Carlo simulations

Wednesday, 6 November, 2019 12:12

Date: Wednesday, 6 November, 2019

Presenters: Chris Goodell, Krey Price

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Webinar: Irrigation using the Cloud

Emerging technology in irrigated agriculture

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 12:12

Date: Wednesday, 23 October, 2019

Presenters: Peter Moller

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Webinar: Advancing groundwater-dependent ecosystem detection using radar

Overviewing a new method to detect groundwater-dependent ecosystems using radar, a remote sensing method that is not affected by cloud cover.

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019 12:12

Date: Wednesday, 9 October, 2019

Presenters: Dr Tanya Doody

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Webinar: Modelling with HEC-HMS

Using meteorological data to provide increasingly realistic simulations of the rainfall-runoff process.

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 12:12

Date: Wednesday, 2 October, 2019

Presenters: Thomas Brauer, Michael Bartles, Krey Price, Dr Steven Joynes

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Webinar: Water reform planning – a ‘wicked problem’

Water reform planning systems need trust, accountability and transparency.

Wednesday, 25 September, 2019 12:12

Date: Wednesday, 25 September, 2019

Presenters: Mike Young, Fredmund Malik, John Leake, Nam Nguyen, Constantin Malik

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Webinar: Are your pumps about to fail?

Avoid the catastrophe of pipes bursting or imploding and pump failure due to transient pressures

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019 12:12

Date: Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

Presenters: Robert Keller

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