Gender equality, equity and social inclusion

ICE WaRM is an inclusive organisation and recognises the value of the contribution that both men and women bring to the leadership of water resources management, to achieve sustainable development.

As part of our Strategic Plan 2018-21, ICE WaRM programmes will champion gender equality, equity and social inclusion, and will be guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals 5, 6 and 17. The UN Goal 17 encourages the improvement of access to technology and knowledge as an important way to share ideas and foster innovation. Through the Australian Water School, ICE WaRM delivers webinars, providing free access to water knowledge globally.
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ICE WaRM supports the Australian Government’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Strategy which indicates that some of the greatest challenges to gender equality and women’s empowerment are in the Indo-Pacific region.

In 2015 ICE WaRM partnered with TERI School of Advanced Studies in India to develop a Management Development Programme on Gender, Equity and Water Management. The programme, funded by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) through the Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP), has since been delivered four times around the country with demand for further programmes in 2019.

ICE WaRM has also delivered many Australia Award Fellowship programmes which have included a strong focus on empowering women water professionals. Since 2006, we have conducted 18 programmes for Fellows from 20 countries. In 2018, ICE WaRM delivered three Australia Award Fellowship programmes to water professionals from India which attracted a high percentage of women in leading roles.

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