Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio

The SDIP (Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio) is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The SDIP aims to increase water, food and energy security in South Asia to facilitate economic growth and improve livelihoods, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable, particularly women and girls.

A portfolio of six partners works to support this goal. More information on these partners is available here.

The SDIP targets three inter-related sectors where Australia is uniquely placed to contribute:

  1. Water resource management: Confident and cooperative decision-making across jurisdictional borders for effective and equitable management of shared water resources.
  2. Agricultural productivity: Increased agricultural productivity and farm incomes through the adoption of efficient and sustainable agricultural practices and better developed value-added market chains.
  3. Energy access: Increased access to and cooperation on energy.

In targeting the 3 inter-related sectors of water, agriculture and energy, it is important to note gender is a critical cross-cutting element

The SDIP is based on a 12 year design with around $50m secured for the first 4 years (2012-16).

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