The Australian Water School has a new home!

ICE WaRM are very pleased to announce that the Australian Water School has a new custodian, Water Research Australia (WaterRA). You can now find the Australian Water School here.

WaterRA is an independent, profit for purpose organisation, that is member-driven and funded. Focused on providing innovative research, services and resources, WaterRA enables collaboration between experts in industry and research to find solutions to shared problems and emerging challenges within the water sector. WaterRA is driven to build capability and achieve measurable impact in their businesses so that all communities can thrive.

WaterRA’s ethos aligns with the principals and vision of the Australian Water School and we are confident WaterRA’s oversight of the school will continue to deliver high-calibre online short courses and webinars for the water sector, in Australia and globally.

WaterRA and the Australian Water School will be in touch with you on the exciting programs ahead. In the meantime to keep in touch, subscribe here or email:

It has been our pleasure working with you all since the establishment of the online Australian Water School in 2016 and we hope you will continue to benefit from participating in the school.

Yours sincerely,
Darryl Day, former Managing Director ICE WaRM


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