Rainwater Harvesting Association joins Irrigation Australia

Irrigation Australia welcomes new members from RHAA and establishes a Rainwater Harvesting Committee comprising of Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL) board and management representatives and members from the RHAA committee. 

Over the past several months, Irrigation Australia has been in discussion with the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) about working more closely with them in the promotion of rainwater harvesting in both rural and domestic settings.

The outcome of these discussions is that, their members unanimously agreed to wind up their association and transfer their members to Irrigation Australia at RHAA’s annual general meeting on 26th October.

Irrigation Australia have now established a Rainwater Harvesting Committee which comprises IAL board and management representatives and members from the RHAA committee, and a charter has been agreed.

The introduction of RHAA members to Irrigation Australia has also resulted in the creation of a new membership category ‘Rainwater Harvesting’ and a search field has been added to the IAL website home page.



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