Upcoming Short Courses

Online Course: 1D Water Modelling with HEC-RAS- February 2019

Thursday, 14 February, 2019

Online Course: Understanding Groundwater Model Uncertainty Analysis

Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

Webinar: Flood Modelling in the Cloud

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Environmental Tracers in Groundwater Hydrology

Melbourne, VIC
Monday, 25 February, 2019

Webinar: Sustainable water management for unconventional gas extraction

Wednesday, 27 February, 2019

Webinar: South Asian Hydropower in the Era of Climate Change

Wednesday, 6 March, 2019

Online Course: 2D Water Modelling with HEC-RAS- March 2019

Thursday, 7 March, 2019

PFAS and Groundwater Workshop

Thursday, 7 March, 2019

Australian Groundwater School

Perth, WA
Monday, 18 March, 2019

Online Course: Dam Breach Modelling

Thursday, 21 March, 2019

Online Course 1: Unconventional Gas - Water and the Industry

Thursday, 4 April, 2019

Online Course 2: Unconventional Gas- Water Treatment and Recycling

Thursday, 11 April, 2019

Field Methods School- Adelaide, April 2019

Adelaide, SA
Monday, 15 April, 2019

Online Course 3: Unconventional Gas - Policy and Regulation

Thursday, 18 April, 2019

Connecting flow and ecology in the Koshi Basin, Nepal

Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

Australian Groundwater School

Sydney, NSW
Monday, 5 August, 2019

Advancing groundwater-dependent ecosystem detection using radar

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019

Australian Groundwater School and Field Trip

Adelaide, SA
Monday, 11 November, 2019


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Australia partnering with Nepal to improve water resources management

Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

The Nepal Australia Joint Advisory Committee has agreed to continue the bilateral partnership that is currently concentrating on river basin planning, ecosystem management, and exchange about water management policy options.

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Securing water, food and energy in Pakistan

Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

ICE WaRM’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr Ian Reid, attended the Indus Knowledge Forum in Pakistan this week, hosted by the Australian High Commission as part of the collaboration between Australia and the Pakistan Government on water resources management.

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New partnership supports ten largest river systems in Asia

Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

ICE WaRM has signed a new partnership agreement with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), providing a significant opportunity to work collaboratively to support equitable and sustainable use of water for people in the Hindu Kush Himalayas.

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Investigating emerging contaminants in Australian waterways

Wednesday, 12 September, 2018

Should Australia catch up as a global paradigm shift in ecotoxicology moves towards a multi-tiered testing framework?

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Developing capacity in water management for food security in Bangladesh

Wednesday, 12 September, 2018

Senior officials from the Bangladesh agriculture and water sectors have come to Australia to learn from Australia’s irrigation techniques, challenges and management expertise as they focus on capacity development in water management for food security in Bangladesh.

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Fellowship inspires irrigation efficiency research

Thursday, 30 August, 2018

Agricultural sustainability is a high priority for all countries and ensuring food security, without affecting the agroecological balance, requires the adoption of new research tools and technologies.

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Addressing gender equity in water management

Tuesday, 28 August, 2018

Governments in India are actively pursuing new models and solutions for addressing water management issues, which are interdisciplinary and inclusive.

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Why use science to inform policy?

Thursday, 16 August, 2018

Using science as evidence policies, not only empowers policy-makers to make the best possible decisions, but also encourages scientists to think differently about how scientific evidence can be used in policy-making.

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Resolving Transboundary Water Conflicts

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

A huge number of lives and livelihoods around the world are supported by transboundary waters and the degradation and depletion of these water supplies have the potential to cause social unrest and conflict between countries.

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New partnerships emerging from Smart Water Mission to China

Thursday, 2 August, 2018

Alumni connections were renewed and conversations on new collaborations between China and Australia were initiated, during the 2018 Smart Water Mission to China held in July.

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